Actual Booster

Actual Booster 3.2

Increases the overall speed of the PC
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Performs various system tweaks and optimizations to make your computer be more responsive and run faster. Increases the priority of the processes and services you're interested in at the expense of the lesser used ones.

Actual Booster is an extremely tiny application that aims to speed up the programs you are actually using, thus increasing the overall performance of the system.
Actual Booster proposes a very interesting point of view regarding the processor priority assigned to a process or application: this program starts on the principle that the process/application who requires more priority is...that one from the active window. So, this program will assign a certain processor priority to the 'current' application (this is, the one that you are actually using 'right now'). This way, you will notice an increase of the overall performance, with the same hardware.
This is very interesting approach since by default the operating system assigns a Normal priority to all processes. And in most of cases it really works!
But wait a minute, I said "most of cases"...that's why sometimes we will need to deactivate this behavior (ex.: when burning/ripping a CD/DVD, when playing music in background...), and fortunately this is not a problem: Actual Booster is not a complicated program at all, in fact it has no GUI, just an "Enabled" option, so you can disable it in a snap. Wonderful!

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  • Tiny program, visible results


  • It couldn't be useful in all circumstances
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